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Why should I use reedeo?

Pocket is the leading ‘read it later’ service that lets you save any web content you might want to consume at a later time. Being avid users of the service, we struggled to keep up with reading all the content we were saving for later.

Reedeo was created to help you ‘catch up’ on your ‘reading’, while you’re driving, working out, or just out and about. Our app reads stories from your Pocket list out loud, using a Text-to-Speech engine.

How do I start using the App?

When you first launch the reedeo app, you’ll be asked to enter your Pocket username and password. Once you do so, and tap on login, your Pocket list will start downloading to the app.

How do I archive and article?

Articles will automatically be archived when you finish listing to them; if you want to archive them at any time, just swipe right on the article and it will move to your archive list.

How do I delete an article?

We don’t currently support deleting articles from the app, for the time being you’ll still need to go to Pocket to delete articles.

How do I sign up and use Pocket?

To get started with Pocket, go to and click on for ‘Sign Up’ to create an account. Once you’ve done that, click on ‘How to Save’ at the top and choose what works best for you.

Most news discovery apps like Flipboard, Pulse, and Google Currents, also let you ‘Add to Pocket’ to save articles for later reading.

What does the App cost?

The app costs $1.99 on the Apple App Store.

My reading list doesn't seem to be in synch, what can I do?

Tap on the settings icon in the top right

Tap on the button that says

Return to your list and pull to refresh